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Gateview Publishing is a forward-thinking company 

that believes knowledge should be accessible to all.

Our books are accessible to everyone, 

regardless of financial circumstances.

At Gateview Publishing, knowledge knows no boundaries.

About Us

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The mission is to connect people with high-quality books on a

diverse range of subjects, across many genres. More importantly,

give readers the ability to download a free .PDF of the book,

or purchase an attractive, quality bound copy.  


Price should never be a barrier to knowledge.

Our books are accessible to everyone, regardless of financial circumstances.

With the digital formats, readers can enjoy our books

anytime, anywhere, and on any device. 

At Gateview Publishing, knowledge knows no boundaries.

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New Arrivals

Too Many Eggs

By Mimi Smith-Dvorak

Too Many Eggs is a compendium of all things eggs. It is the most comprehensive book on egg cookery ever written with over 800 egg recipes from all-over-the-world. These recipes highlight and focus on tested and traditional recipes with ingredients that include multiple eggs. It is also ripe with the stories and folklore behind the recipes.

This cookbook does not contain food photography that contemporary cookbooks typically contain. Instead Too Many Eggs leans into the more classical cookbook aesthetic, featuring beautiful historical woodcuts, illustrations and lithographs.

The collection itself took over a decade of research giving you both a phenomenal cache of recipes and highly entertaining stories for your enjoyment. The book also solves a major dilemma for home cooks and hobbyists who have decided to own chickens.


The problem is you end up with Too Many Eggs.

Too many eggs book
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